You are one click away from having your own night club party in your home venue.Safer than leaving your home and more entertaining.

Live the best party, the best experience without leaving home, but without running the risk of your home becoming a complete disaster. An instant party in the patio of your house, with lights, music, if you need air conditioning, and even a vip red carpet for your special guests to this experience. We are in the states of New York and New Jersey.

Reservation details


$ 800 USD

Additional delivery charge up to 20 miles

What are the dimensions of the inflatable tent?

Length: 19ft – 6 inches.  (5.9 meters)

Width: 17ft – 9 inches. (5.4 meters)

Height: 13ft – 1 inches. (4 metees)

How long will I have it?

We set up the tent on the day of the reservation an hour before the event.

We will pick it up the next day in the morning of afther your party ends.

What is included?

  • Strobe lingthing.
  • Professional Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Smoke machine.

How many people can hold?

The tent holds 35 – 40 adults.

New Jersey

New York

(908) 258-5629